This project aims to create an easy to use, extendable and customizable server for a MMORPG called "MU Online".

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C3 F1 02 - LogOut (by client)

Is sent when

When the client wants to leave the game in various ways.

Causes the following actions on the server side

Depending on the LogOutType, the game server does several checks and sends a response back to the client. If the request was successful, the game client either closes the game, goes back to server or character selection.


Index Length Data Type Value Description
0 1 Byte 0xC3 Packet type
1 1 Byte 5 Packet header - length of the packet
2 1 Byte 0xF1 Packet header - packet type identifier
3 1 Byte 0x02 Packet header - sub packet type identifier
4 1 LogOutType   Type

LogOutType Enum

Describes the way how the player wants to leave the current game.

Value Name Description
0 CloseGame The player wants to close the game.
1 BackToCharacterSelection The player wants to go back to the character selection screen.
2 BackToServerSelection The player wants to go back to the server selection screen.