This project aims to create an easy to use, extendable and customizable server for a MMORPG called "MU Online".

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C3 24 - ItemMoveRequest (by client)

Is sent when

A player requests to move an item within or between his available item storage, such as inventory, vault, trade or chaos machine.

Causes the following actions on the server side


Index Length Data Type Value Description
0 1 Byte 0xC3 Packet type
1 1 Byte 19 Packet header - length of the packet
2 1 Byte 0x24 Packet header - packet type identifier
3 1 ItemStorageKind   FromStorage
4 1 Byte   FromSlot
5 12 Binary   ItemData
17 1 ItemStorageKind   ToStorage
18 1 Byte   ToSlot

ItemStorageKind Enum

Defines from or to which item storage an item is moved.

Value Name Description
0 Inventory The inventory storage.
1 Trade The trade storage.
2 Vault The vault storage.
3 ChaosMachine The chaos machine storage.
4 PlayerShop The player shop storage.
5 PetTrainer The pet trainer dialog storage.
6 Refinery The storage of the refinery of the elphis npc.
7 Smelting The storage of the smelting dialog of the osbourne npc.
8 ItemRestore The storage of the item restore dialog of the jerridon npc.
9 ChaosCardMaster The storage of the chaos card master dialog.
10 CherryBlossomSpirit The storage of the cherry blossom spirit dialog.
11 SeedCrafting The storage of the seed crafting dialog.
12 SeedSphereCrafting The storage of the seed sphere crafting dialog.
13 SeedMountCrafting The storage of the seed sphere mount dialog.
14 SeedUnmountCrafting The storage of the seed sphere unmount dialog.