This project aims to create an easy to use, extendable and customizable server for a MMORPG called "MU Online".

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C1 F3 01 - CreateCharacter (by client)

Is sent when

The game client is at the character selection screen and the player requests to add a new character.

Causes the following actions on the server side

The server checks if the player is allowed to create the character and sends a response back.


Index Length Data Type Value Description
0 1 Byte 0xC1 Packet type
1 1 Byte 15 Packet header - length of the packet
2 1 Byte 0xF3 Packet header - packet type identifier
3 1 Byte 0x01 Packet header - sub packet type identifier
4 10 String   Name; The name of the character which should be created.
14 « 2 6 bit CharacterClassNumber   Class; The character class of the character which should be created.

CharacterClassNumber Enum

Defines the values which are used for the character classes on client side.

Value Name Description
0 DarkWizard Value for the dark wizard character class.
2 SoulMaster Value for the soul master character class.
3 GrandMaster Value for the grand master character class.
4 DarkKnight Value for the dark knight character class.
6 BladeKnight Value for the blade knight character class.
7 BladeMaster Value for the blade master character class.
8 FairyElf Value for the fairy elf character class.
10 MuseElf Value for the muse elf character class.
11 HighElf Value for the high elf character class.
12 MagicGladiator Value for the magic gladiator character class.
13 DuelMaster Value for the duel master character class.
16 DarkLord Value for the dark lord character class.
17 LordEmperor Value for the lord emperor character class.
20 Summoner Value for the summoner character class.
22 BloodySummoner Value for the bloody summoner character class.
23 DimensionMaster Value for the dimension master character class.
24 RageFighter Value for the rage fighter character class.
25 FistMaster Value for the fist master character class.