This project aims to create an easy to use, extendable and customizable server for a MMORPG called "MU Online".

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C1 3C - TradeButtonStateChange (by client)

Is sent when

The player presses the trade button.

Causes the following actions on the server side

The state change is forwarded to the trade partner. If both players press the trade button at the same time, the server will try to complete the trade by exchanging the items and money.


Index Length Data Type Value Description
0 1 Byte 0xC1 Packet type
1 1 Byte 4 Packet header - length of the packet
2 1 Byte 0x3C Packet header - packet type identifier
3 1 TradeButtonState   NewState

TradeButtonState Enum

The state of the trade button.

Value Name Description
0 Unchecked Trade button is not pressed. It means that the trade is not yet accepted by the trader.
1 Checked Trade Button is pressed. It means that the trade is accepted by the trader.
2 Red This state is only sent to the client. After some seconds the client is changing back to normal Unchecked.